Totem at ZIN

Experience the Totem Ritual May 14th at de Lievelinge during ZIN,
where you’ll create a unique artwork based on your heart rhythm. Space is limited, so book your spot now.

Totem Ritual + heart rhythm artwork (ZIN)

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Date: May 14th
Time: 10:00-18:00*
Location: de Lievelinge, ZIN festival
Cost: €49 including your Totem Ritual + artwork (30×40 cm)

*Once you’ve ordered your Totem Ritual + Artwork, we will contact you to schedule a time for your ritual.

**Please note that to participate in the Totem Ritual, you need to have access to the ZIN event.


About the Ritual

During the ritual, artists Julie de Ruijter and Beer van Geer will personally record your heart rhythm and use it to create a stunning and personalized piece of art. You’ll then be encouraged to tap into your creativity and intuitively draw a Totem that connects with your unique rhythm.

Please note that the Totem Festival Ritual is an individual experience, so make sure to book one ritual per person if you’re attending with someone else.

Artworks made with your heart

Totems are symbols of change, they can help consciously transition from one phase to another. Like a photograph of your inner world, the intricate pattern of this drawing made with your heart captures a specific moment in your life. Therefore, you can approach the ritual of creating this artwork as a rite of passage. This ritual honors the movement of life and the changes within us with reverence and attention, embracing changes within ourselves as essential parts of the natural movement and rhythms. Coming home into our unfolding life.

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