Create your personal Totem

Download Recording App

The easiest way to record your heartrate data is through a recording application that utilises your phone camera. We advise to download Camera HRV App for Android or for IOS.

Do you already have a heart rate sensor? Than we advice a app such as Elite-HRV to make a recording of at least 60 seconds.

Take a Moment

When you record your heart rhythm at home, you can create a small ritual of your own. It’s important to be in a pleasant, calm place and sit comfortably. Ensure that your computer is turned off, and your phone is on silent.

The artwork you will generate with your heart rhythm marks this specific moment and captures the transitions taking place in this phase of your life.

Take a moment to reflect on this present moment and feel which transition or movement is most present within yourself.

Become aware that you have your own unique unfolding rhythm, and embrace it fully in this moment.


Once you downloaded the recording app. Follow the instructions in the app to start a recording session. It’s very important to hold your hand still if you record with the phone camera. It’s best to place your arm flat on a desk for example and let the phone rest on your finger so you dont move.

Make sure you at least make recordings of 60 seconds. On IOS you have to press stop to save your sessions, on Android this happens automaticly after 60 seconds.


After succesfully recording your heart-rate, please export the data through the export function to for example your email. You will receive two csv data files. You will need the file called my RR-Intervals.

In the form below you can add your csv-file, together with the information for sending the risoprint to your home.

Please also copy the wallet adress you are using for minting the artwork, and add your mint-pass number so we know where to mint the customised art-piece.

Do you need help or do you want to share your data in another way? Please contact us by email: connect@beervangeer, twitter: beervangeer or discord: beervangeer.