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During the Totem ritual we make our technique available to you to create images from your heart rhythm. For this we will personally guide you, record your heart rhythm on the spot between the circle of Totems. Then you can draw a Totem from your own intuition. The Totem becomes part of our tribe, and you can take it home with you (on A3 size sustainable paper). This ritual is on a donation base.

We work on a donation basis

After the ritual you can make a donation of your choice via QR code or pin. We work on a donation basis to make the Totem ritual as accessible as possible to anyone who wants to experience it during this event. We put a lot of attention, time and love into the rituals and every contribution supports us to continue the project and share it with more people.

If you’d rather have us make a Totem for you, you can order your artwork here.


A session lasts 30-45 minutes


Amare, house for the arts | Spuiplein 150, The Hague

Personal Guidance

The Totem ritual during the exhibition is a ‘taste’ of the Personal Totem Ritual.Here we offer the opportunity to try out the innovative technology and playfully connect with your own (heart) rhythm and imagination. If you want to experience the full ritual, or need extensive personal guidance we recommend that you book a Personal Totem Ritual.¬†