‘Creating artworks with the heart rhythm through an interactive ritual’



Totem is an organically growing project byJulie de Ruijter & Beer van Geer. Through a contemporary ritual the artists capture the rhythm of the heart into unique visual artworks.

Our heart rhythm is a reflection of our inner processes and the world around us, constantly changing and connected to the natural rhythms and frequencies of others. By merging innovative technologies with the artist’s intuition, Totem explores a way to make this inner landscape tangible by creating symbolic artworks that reflect the internal rhythms of the viewer.

Each Totem is a testament to the person’s personal transformation and uniqueness, and our connection to the whole. Revealing the complexity and the interconnectednes of our rhythms that make up the tapestry of humanity.


Experience a Totem Ritual


The Totem Ritual invites you to become a co-creator of the project by making an artwork with your own heart rhythm. Through this transformative experience, you can intuitively connect with your unique rhythm and experience the interconnectedness of all things. Join us in exploring the beauty of our collective rhythms and the transformative power of art. 

Are you interested in the Totem project for your exhibition, event or as a personal experience? Click below for more information.

Upcoming exhibitions


We are currently developing a new Totem series, which we will present in Berlin this coming summer. Stay tuned for updates on the launch and exhibition details!


Julie de Ruijter

As Studio Poca, Julie de Ruijter develops ritualistic artworks and interactive rituals. With an emphasis on textile design, atmospheres, and natural materials. Through her work, Julie explores how restoring our connection to our intuitive, visual and symbolic world can contribute to new systems of life. Researching ways of restoring our reciprocal relationship with the natural world by reconnecting with natural rhythms and the mystical.

Beer van Geer

Beer van Geer is a studio for development for interactive media design with focus on exploration of human consciousness. His focus lays on making the invisible world visible by making use of generative art and sensor data.





15 + 10 =

Photography: Lotte van Uittert

This project was made possible by Gemeente Den Haag & Cultuurfonds