Totem Project

For this collaborative project by Julie de Ruijter (Studio Poca) & Beer van Geer, the artists study the rhythm of the human heart. Our heart rhythm is unique and at the same time reflects our continuously transforming nature; our emotions, feelings and connection to our environment and natural rhythms.

Through a combination of digital techniques and intuitive drawings, the artists have converted 16 unique rhythms of their loved ones into personal totems. Together, the totems form a tribe, which will be expanded in the coming years. As a visitor you can also have a totem made of your heart rhythm.

A Totem is a symbolic object that marks something of great importance to you. This can be a transition to a new phase in your life, or it can symbolize your connection to a loved one. It can also be an object you want to leave behind and pass on to your kin.


Order your Totem

Together with you we can create your own special Totem. As a gift to yourself, to mark an important moment or transition in your life, or to give away to a loved one. These textile artworks contain your unique energy and story, as they are made with the beautiful, intricate patterns hidden in your own heart rhythm.

Every heart beat has a story inside, what is yours?

Totem at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

From 26th of November till the 10th of April our Totem project will be exhibited at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. 




Julie de Ruijter

As Studio Poca, Julie de Ruijter develops ritualistic artworks and interactive rituals. With an emphasis on textile design, atmospheres, and natural materials. Through her work, Julie explores how restoring our connection to our intuitive, visual and symbolic world can contribute to new systems of life. Researching ways of restoring our reciprocal relationship with the natural world by reconnecting with natural rhythms and the mystical.

Beer van Geer

Beer van Geer is a studio for development for interactive media design with focus on exploration of human consciousness. His focus lays on making the invisible world visible by making use of generative art and sensor data.

Photography: Lotte van Uittert

This project was made possible by Gemeente Den Haag & Cultuurfonds